5 steps to improve your foot circulation

5 steps to improve your foot circulation

What’s the first part of your body to get cold first? Mine is my feet, and it seems once they are cold, that’s it, they’re staying cold. Like many people whose feet get cold quicker in certain climates it can be very uncomfortable and annoying most of the time. There’s times when you might not be able to come in from working in the cold winter or rainy weather to warm your feet up, change your socks — when really you just want to pack it in and go home for the day.Wearing work boots in the winter

But what if you slap poor foot circulation on top of lousy cold weather? It becomes a recipe for disaster if you don’t take care of it before hand. Recognizing that you might have an issue with poor foot circulation is a great first step in keeping the cold from gaining control over your feet and ruining your day. There are many leading causes to bad foot circulation, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes to name a few. PVD (Peripheral Vascular Disease) is also a cause of bad circulation in the feet and other areas. It is a disease that restricts normal blood flow in and out from the heart.

Raynaud’s disease is caused by your hands and feet being exposed to very cold weather conditions. You might feel the symptoms when in colder weather. This disease narrows the small arteries in your hand and toes. The blood flow is then restricted and less capable of flowing normally through the arteries. When this happens, you start to feel the symptoms of poor circulation. The most common symptoms you might experience in your feet from bad circulation are numbness, tingling and throbbing, even stinging pain in the limbs along with muscle cramps. There are other parts of the body that can be effected from Raynaud’s disease including the ear, nose, lips, and nipples.

If you think that you might have an issue due to your feet just not warming up the way they should, it’s a good idea see your doctor so he or she will be able to make the proper diagnosis, and you can begin treating the issue properly from day one. The good news is if caught early theses diseases are treatable; however, if left untreated you could be facing a major life-threatening issue down the road. So, it’s always best to seek professional advice from a doctor.

Compression Socks can make a big difference if you suffer the symptoms of poor foot circulation, especially if you’re on the job site or standing for a long periods at a time  (Mud gear Compression Socks)

Some tips to better combat poor foot circulation are:

  • Get outside and walk in the fresh air is one of the best low impact exercise that anyone can start right away. Walking outside has many health benefits to the mind and body overall. A walk in the morning or at night after dinner is a perfect time. The key is to make it a routine and a hobby it just becomes something you do. Try for at least 15 minutes a day and work your way up from there.
  • Rebounding is an excellent way to get an all-out full body exercise filled with major health benefits to the body and mind. This is the best way to get the blood flowing if you are unable to get outside as much as you want. These are great for the office or living room. Always start off with a low impact work out and work your way up from there. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started and to further educate you on the benefits.
  • Stop smoking; this is a no-brainer. Smoking increases your cholesterol and hardens your arteries due to the blood vessels constricting. Plus it’s filling your body with toxic chemicals. Let’s face it, it’s just all around bad for you.
  • Exercising when you can, even if it’s just using your own body weight to start. Simple wall squats will get you started and you can go from there. Exercise bands are great to help aid in building strength and get the blood flowing.
  • Diet is also a big one. If you choose to eat a high fatty/sugar diet then you are more likely to develop some type of health issue along the way. However, by switching up your diet to a more balanced and healthier one, and by adding one or more of the 4 tips above, it will make a difference not only in your overall heath but also your poor foot circulation.

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