www.KeepDryFeet.com is a one-stop blog for everything you’ll ever need to know about how to keep your feet dry from the elements, and the best possible ways of wicking sweat while adding protection and comfort.

With over 20 years in the construction industry, working in all sorts of weather conditions and climates, I personally know what it’s like to work with wet and cold feet. Over my years of experience, I have had the chance to try out multiple brands of boots and sock combinations. I’m happy to be able to make suggestions to what might be the best boot combination for whatever climate you are walking or working in.

I want to be able to help you, the readers, in anyway possible in making the right choice for your weather resistance and water proof footwear, for all seasonal conditions. From the young construction apprentice not looking to break the bank but still have the best boot, insole, and sock combination for the job, to the high-end hunter looking for the all out top of the line boot – we’ve got you covered.

With the industry changing all the time with new and improved materials pushing the limits to how far they can go for your overall comfort of your feet, we make it our job to keep our readers well informed on the late test technology helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable at the highest levels. If hunting is your thing, or just out working in the yard, to full on industrial construction sites, we got you covered for the best possible footwear.

As footwear constantly evolves, so does adding extra comfort for all foot size and shapes. New insoles are exploding on the market every year, and they too are rapidly evolving annually. We are making sure that you know the ins and outs of insoles and how to chose which one ones will be right for you to make your day a happy one.

Technology in socks has also come a long way, with newer sweat wicking materials that help keep the foot dry for longer periods of time. There’s so many kinds to chose from, but don’t worry we help you by breaking them down for you so you can again make the best possible choice for your boot combination. From a low-rise mountain biking sock to a high-top compression sock for extra support, socks play a major part with keeping your feet dry and buying the right ones will make all the difference.

KeepDryFeet is also full of useful information about how to keep your feet healthy, and foot aliments and medical issues that can arise from high and low arches. There’s an abundance of content, covering very common foot problems to not so common foot problems, to proper foot massage, and the benefits of implementing a healthy foot routine, and how it affects the overall body and mind for top health and performance.