Cofra Thermic Safety Boots Review

4.0 rating


The Cofra Thermic Boots are a high-grade work boot comparable to the Dunlop, however they do have many differences. Some owners of this boot like them better then the Dunlop’s. The Cofra Thermic Boot is light weight and is 100% metal free which adds to keeping your feet warmer in the winter weather. I personally own these boots and really like them for plowing the snow at my house in the winter, however I found them to be rigid for all day use on the construction site and they caused blisters from rubbing and hurt my ankles. It all depends on what you’re using them for. These boots are a high grade work boot and a lot of people swear by them for construction so it really depends on the type of construction you’re doing. They hold up to a lot of different solvents and would take a long time to break down compared to other brands on the market.


  • 100% Metal Free
  • Light Weight
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Cut Resistance
  • Ankle Protection


  • Rigid Construction
  • Might Cause Blisters From Rubbing
  • Might not be perfect boot for all construction jobs
  • Hard to operate machinery while wearing them


Thermal Insulation Cofra boots guarantees successful tests for cold insulation with better results than the -17 required by the standard EN ISO 20345:2011.

Cold Protection to -50

Resistance to Chemical Agents

Resistance to Hydrocarbons Gasoline and Diesel

Antibacterial Scented Polyurethane

100% Metal Free

Toe Cap Non-Metallic Resistant to 200J 25% reduction in thickness compared to other toe caps on the market and 45% lighter then steel toe caps. If the boot experiences crushing the toe cap will recover to its original shape making it easier to remove the foot.

Midsole Non-metallic APT PLATE – Zero Perforation Anti Perforation Textile means the surface is 100% protected by the puncture resistance plate used as an in sole. Higher Thermal Insulation compared to steel and lighter. High Electrical Resistance.

Ankle Protection

Cut Resistance

Made In Italy The company was started 1938

Metatarsal Protection 100 J

Slip Resistance Sole The outer sole is nitrile rubber and is resistant up +300 °C at 1 min contact. And low temperatures up to -25 °C.

Multiple Colours Green, Black, White, Orange.

Removable Insole

Outsole Made with Nitrile Rubber and Cold Defender PU Core

The Cofra Thermic boots are very well made for all kinds of industries and probably won’t let you down. I own these boots and use them for around the house in all seasons. I’ve blown the snow out of the driveway many times in the winter with just these boots and bare feet. Never had a problem from the cold while wearing these boots. However I do find them to be rigid and I won’t take these on a construction site because I know they would cause a foot issue after wearing them for long periods of time due to the ridged construction. The suggested usage is forestry and agriculture.

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