Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety Boot Review

4.0 rating


  • 100% waterproof
  • Cold insulated down to -50°C (or -58°F).
  • Great safety features:
    • Slip resistant
    • Protective toecap and midsole
    • Resistant to fuel oil and chemicals
    • Traction
    • Antistatic
  • Shock absorbing

Lightweight (when compared to PVC or rubber)


  • No ankle support
  • Not cut resistant

Can be expensive: price ranges from $200 – $300

The Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boot is a classic choice for a steel toed rubber boot for winter construction. It’s lightweight, so it’s comfortable to wear all day long, and has a slip-resistant grip, even in cold weather conditions. These boots are 100% waterproof, so you feet will stay dry even in the wettest and dirtiest conditions.

These boots are made from Purofort® material, which is unique to Dunlop. It’s lightweight and thermally insulated, but also provides flexibility and strength. Although this is classed as an agricultural boot, because of its traction and resistance to chemicals, and the fact it’s 100% waterproof, it makes a great construction boot, especially for pouring concrete. At the end of a messy day pouring concrete, just rinse them clean and they’re ready for the next day!

Key Features

Some of the best features about the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boot are the safety features:

  • The boots are tested for slip resistance on ceramic tile floors covered with diluted soap, and on steel floors covered with glycerine.
  • These steel toed rubber boots are full safety boots, and have a protective toecap and midsole which protects against falling and penetrating objects.
  • The rubber material of the boots offers protection from the damaging affects and safety concerns of many different substances, because they are fuel oil and chemical resistant.
  • The boots have a cleated outsole, ensuring traction and a secure grip on uneven surfaces.
  • The boots are antistatic, which means they avoid electrostatic charge and eliminate the risk of electric shocks.

Other great features about the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boots are that they are 100% waterproof and, and are insulated from the cold, making them a great choice for winter construction. The thermal properties of the boot prevent heat loss even down to -50°C (or -58°F).

When you’re walking in safety boots on hard surfaces all day long, you want to ensure that the boots you’re wearing are shock absorbing. The Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boots have energy absorption in the heel region, which helps prevent impact on the foot when walking.

Safety Certification for Dunlop boots:

For the American market: Tested in accordance with the ASTM standard.

For the Canadian market: Tested and certified in accordance with the CSA provisions.

Product Specifications

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ARTICLE CODE                    E662843


Toe Cap                         Steel

Midsole                          Steel

Insole Type                            Dunlop Premium PU Insole

Boot Shaft Material                Purofort®

Outsole MaterialPurofort®


Safety Standard USA             ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 PR SD

Safety Standard Canada        CSA Z195-14 PR SD

Oil Resistant Outsole             Yes

Chemical Resistant Code               6

Fuel Oil Resistant                  Yes

Ankle Protection                    No

Electrical Insulation                Antistatic


Cold Insulation °C                  -50

Cold Insulation °F                   -58

Energy Absorbing                  Yes

Cut Resistant                 No

Heat Resistant Outsole          No

What wearers think about the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety Boot

Because of the waterproof material, wearers have used these boots for many types of work, including farming, working around chemicals, working in oil fields, and construction.


There are many reasons that people who have worn the boots have many positive things to say. The waterproof material is probably the best feature, because they can be worn in water and icy conditions and still keep your feet dry.

The boots are also great for working in extremely cold conditions, and help keep your feet warm and dry. The traction is a great feature, and really helps when working on uneven surfaces.

The boots fit well, and are comfortable for a rubber boot. They are also durable, and last much longer than many other steel toed rubber boots, even when exposed to chemicals.

Wearers believe that the price is definitely worth the benefits for this boot, as having a comfortable boot that keeps your feet warm and dry, and meets the required safety standards is worth it.These boots get a consistent positive rating with wearers.


Some of the wearers think that the boots can be a bit bulky, but do get used to the material. The fact that the boots are waterproof definitely outweighs the bulkiness of the boots. Many people that have worn the boot suggest they take a bit of getting used to, and recommend not wearing them for a full day of work right away.

Although the waterproof material is one of the great benefits of this boot, it also means that when your feet sweat, the sweat stays inside the boot. Wearers recommend wearing a moisture-wicking sock or using a moisture-absorbing insole. Bama booties are a perfect match for these boots.


Wearers say that the size is pretty true to what size you would normally wear. For example, if you’re a size 10, go with a size 10. If you’re a size 10 ½, round up to the next nearest size, so If you’re looking to wear an extra insole, thick socks, or a Bama Booties, round up a size as well.

In summary

The Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boots are great for the value. They are a full safety boot, are waterproof and keep your feet warm event down to -50°C (or -58°F). They have good traction, and because they are fuel and chemical resistant, are great for a number of different uses, including farming, working in oil fields, and pouring concrete. They have great traction, and are energy absorbing, so help keep you comfortable all day long.

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