Recommended Gear

Many hours in the construction field battling out the elements on a daily basis is one of the worst and best experiences of being a construction worker. I’ve been able to test so many products related to the constant challenge of keeping my own feet warm and dry over the years, that I know for a fact that the products I recommend here will help you make a better choice before purchasing.

I personally found that there’s a lot of highly priced products that worked well and some that did not. And some low priced products that outperform the others.

It’s very important that you invest your money in products that work and outperform for the long run, and not just for a few weeks. You’ll be able to do just that with these products because I’ve tested most of them already.

When safety comes into play, you especially don’t want to cut corners by buying a no-name brand just to save a little extra money. Trust me here, I personally have been there and it just never seems to work out. There is a reason that the higher priced safety boots cost a couple hundred more and that’s because they are built to protect and perform – and even be comfortable.

So think wisely when making your next purchase as your feet are very important to protect. Keep in mind your health is the best investment ever and your feet will thank you for it.