Are Waterproof Sandals Really Waterproof?

When hiking or walking through town, a puddle or rain shower can turn an enjoyable venture into a slushy mess. When it comes to footwear, the type of shoe determines the comfort and dryness of your foot. With this in mind, can sandals ever be waterproof? The sandal should provide features allowing use and durability […]

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How to Waterproof Shoes for Wet Weather

There are very few people who want to experience the great outdoors with soggy shoes. Only a few encounters of sloshing around in cold, heavy, soaked shoes are needed before a google search follows. Knowing how to waterproof shoes is key to enjoying nature to her fullest. Trench foot, named after WWI soldiers who developed […]

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How to Waterproof Leather Boots

Winter and spring are here, with snow and rain in the forecast. While our plants and trees need to drink up the moisture, our leather boots do not.  The question begs, “how do I waterproof my leather boots?” Made from the skin of cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats, leather is a natural material full of […]

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How to Remove Foot Fungus from Socks

Socks drying on clothes line

Fungi are present almost everywhere, and they especially like dark, moist and warm places, like the inside of your socks. So, to prevent and remove foot fungus, I am here with viable tips that will help you out to avoid foot fungus. To remove foot fungus from socks. Soak the socks in warm water (for […]

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Does Wearing Two Pairs of Socks Really Keep Your Feet Warm?

wool socks

Cold weather equals cold extremities. As the weather dips low, even away from the blistering winds and inside a house, toes feel uncomfortable. The easiest thing to do is simply add another pair of socks. The question is: does wearing two pairs of socks really keep your feet warm, though? According to, there are […]

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12 best waterproof work boots for working in wet weather

worn pair of work boots on the ground

Choosing the best work boots comes down to what you will be using them for and the job that you do. While others might prioritize a boot that is waterproof and offers slip, fall and oil resistance, another might prioritize a boot that comes with electrical circuit protection. Whatever the case may be, you should […]

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Types of Firefighters and What They Do

Fire Fighter looking over his shoulder

‘Playing with fire’ is a common phrase used by people to emphasize that whatever it is that you are doing or the course of action that you have taken could be harmful and damaging to you. Yet there is a group of people who have taken up ‘playing with fire’ as their profession: firefighters. Apart […]

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Top 5 Best Waterproof Snake Boots for Wet Areas

Rattle Snake in striking pose

Activities such as hunting and hiking in the woods can be very physically demanding on the human body making it easy for a person to lose focus. When you lose focus, the chances of encountering a snake without even noticing are high. Many snakes in the woods are very venomous and you have to make […]

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How to Remove Fungus From Shoes

pair of hiking shoes outside on grass

Stinky shoes are the oft-dreaded sign of a foot fungus infection. For more extreme situations, your toenails can show the signs of the fungus by discoloring, becoming thick and crumbly, or pulling away from the nailbeds. Blisters, itching, cracking, peeling, and burning can plague your feet. This article will help aid you with how to […]

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Can You Hike in Wading Boots

Man hiking outside standing by a pond

While out hiking with friends recently, I noticed my friend wore wading boots. That struck me, and I wondered: can you hike in wading boots? At the end of our hiking trip, I went straight into research mode to try and find out the answers to my question. To my surprise, the answer was a […]

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