How to Waterproof Shoes for Wet Weather

There are very few people who want to experience the great outdoors with soggy shoes. Only a few encounters of sloshing around in cold, heavy, soaked shoes are needed before a google search follows. Knowing how to waterproof shoes is key to enjoying nature to her fullest. Trench foot, named after WWI soldiers who developed […]

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How to Waterproof Leather Boots

Winter and spring are here, with snow and rain in the forecast. While our plants and trees need to drink up the moisture, our leather boots do not.  The question begs, “how do I waterproof my leather boots?” Made from the skin of cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats, leather is a natural material full of […]

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How to Clean Water Stains Off Suede Shoes and Boots

Stepped onto rock with brown suede shoe on

I really love the elegant appearance and soft touch of my suede shoes, but I quickly learned that they are notorious for collecting water stains. So I wondered: how can I clean off water stains from my suede shoes? I did some research to establish how to remove the unavoidable water stains from my favorite […]

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How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes

Tools used to clean up dog waste

We all know the feeling. The squelching sound it makes as your shoe makes contact. The soft, gooey texture as it fills every crevice of your shoe’s undersole. You don’t need to look down to know what’s happened…. you’ve stepped in dog poop. The worst is over, now it’s time to act. So how do […]

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How to Waterproof Ice Skates

two boys skating on ice

Ice skating Some people hibernate during the winter months. While staying warm and cozy is always tempting, others find ways to enjoy the brisk winter weather. Ice skating is a great way to get outside and enjoy the winter weather! Lots of people go ice skating for recreational purposes, sports, exercise and even travel exercise. […]

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Are Cowboy Boots Waterproof

Red Cowboy boots

Who doesn’t love the idea of a solid pair of cowboy boots, either for work or play? Its iconic design is one that lives on forever. Having said that, there’s a few things to take into consideration when living up to this iconic design, and that is waterproofing. Before you invest in a pair for […]

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Wide Calves vs Rubber Boots: Finding Your Fit

Wide Rubber Boots

Without knowing your proper shoe size, it is nearly impossible to find a boot that fits really well. This would indeed be the first step; however, it won’t be the last. Many people find it difficult to find boots for wider feet and calves that fit well. In case you’ve got wider legs, the wide […]

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Rubber Work Boots: The Ultimate Maintenance and Repair Guide

Rubber Work Boots on a Deck

Ok so this year you decided to upgrade your winter work boots to something warmer, lighter, and waterproof, and you invested in a pair of new industrial rubber work boots to take your feet from feeling ice cold and numb to like walking on a beach in Hawaii with palm trees. Well, maybe not quite […]

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