Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot Review

4.0 rating

The Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot is a lightweight, waterproof safety boot. It’s made from polyurethane, and is cold rated down to -50°C/-58°F. Safety ratings include CSA / ASTM / CE, and ESR / EH (Electric Shock Resistant / Electrical Hazard). While the majority of reviews by wearers do recommend this boot, some reviews were kind of mixed. This seems to be a more cost-effective alternative to the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boot.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Rated for -50C/-58F
  • Electric shock Resistant
  • Polyurethane
  • Wide fit through calf and foot
  • Oil/Acid resistance
  • Metal Free


  • Wide fit
  • Chafing
  • Bulky
  • slight heaviness



The Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot is a lightweight, abrasion resistant, polyurethane moulded boot that is specifically designed for the North American climate. It is designed to be cold crack resistant down to -50°C/-58°F. Because the boot is made from polyurethane, it makes it easy to clean.

The rubber outsole is oil and acid resistant, and also provides excellent traction, even at extremely cold temperatures, and on packed snow and ice.


The safety toe and plate are metal free, so these boots are more lightweight, but they are still CSA / ASTM / CE safety approved. The boots are also ESR / EH (Electric Shock Resistant/Electrical Hazard) rated, so offer some protection from electrical shock.


There are a number features about this boot that ensure comfort. It has a wide fit through the calf and the foot, and the insole is designed to ensure comfort. The GelFlex midsole also increases comfort, and reduces fatigue for the wearer.


The Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot fits true to size, which means if you usually wear a size 10, then order a size 10. However, you may need to go up a size if you’re going to use another insole, or the Bama Sokket.

What wearers think

Many of the wearers of the Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot like it for its comfort and the fact that it’s lightweight. It isn’t bulky like some other steel toed rubber boots. However, a few wearers think that the boot is actually pretty bulky, and weren’t happy with the heaviness. The majority of wearers do recommend this boot, specifically indicating they liked the comfort and fit.

The chemical resistance is also important to some wearers, and these boots definitely hold up when working around oil and chemicals. However, while some wearers were not impressed when the boot started breaking down earlier than they thought it would, other wearers thought that the Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot was really durable, and lasted well under the conditions they were working in.

Keep in mind that although the Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot is rated for working in temperatures down to -50°C/-58°F, wearing the proper socks and keeping your feet dry is still a must. Some of the wearers were still affected by the cold at temperatures around -30°C to -40°C.

One thing to look out for is chafing at the rim of the boot against the skin below the knee. This is a common issue with rubber boots worn for long periods of time. It’s not an issue if you’re working in cold weather and wearing layers, but when the boot rubs on bare skin, it can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Consider wearing taller socks or a cuff specifically around your leg where the end of the boot meets the skin.


  • Polyurethane moulded
  • Light weight
  • Wide fit through calf and foot
  • Cold crack resistant down to -50°C/-58°F
  • Oil and acid resistant rubber outsole
  • Metal free safety toe and plate
  • CSA / ASTM / CE approved
  • ESR / EH rated


To summarize, the reviews from wearers were a bit mixed for the Baffin Icebear Safety Work boot. Many wearers like the fact that the boots are lightweight, durable, and kept their feet warm in extreme cold weather. However, these were the exact features that did not hold up for other wearers. It could be that the weather and working conditions faced by wearers are different, which means the boot is being exposed to different kinds of conditions.

The boot itself is made from polyurethane so it’s waterproof. It’s a safety boot that is CSA / ASTM / CE approved, and also ESR / EH (Electric Shock Resistant / Electrical Hazard) rated. It’s cold-rated down to -50°C/-58°F, and offers good traction even at extreme cold temperatures. The rubber outsole is acid and oil resistant, which also offers good traction. Comfort features include a wide fit through the calf and foot, a gelflex midsole to help reduce fatigue, and a comfort crafted insole.

The bottom line is that this boot is a bit less expensive than the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boot, so some wearers were willing to try it out. For some, the choice turned out to be a lightweight, durable, waterproof and warm option, while for others it was an opportunity to go back to the Dunlop Purofort® Thermo + Full Safety boot.

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