Top 5 Insulated steel toe rubber boots for 2022

Top 5 insulated steel toed rubber boots for construction

I was once told that being a construction worker is the equivalent to being a pro athlete — depending on the line of construction you do, of course.  However, construction workers don’t get the daily massages and medical treatment after their daily game that the pro athletes do, and therefore the body takes on the grueling effects of working in construction on a macro scale.

One of those major body parts that take a major daily impact are your feet, and if they are not properly outfitted for the job it can make your life miserable. Especially in frigid cold winter conditions where the terrain is always unforgiving and usually frozen.

I know I personally hate when it’s time to switch out the work boots for the insulated steel toed rubber boots, and I always hold out to the bitter end. Mainly because, let’s face it, insulated steel toed rubber boots are just not as comfortable to work in, and take some time to adjust from the freedom you once had in your normal work boots during the late spring summer and fall months.

However, insulated steel toed rubber boots for construction have come a long way, from basic rubber to high end rubber mixtures that keep evolving every few years.

Later you will be able to check out my list below of my top 5 picks for winter construction. But first continue reading because I’m sure there will be some info to take from this site to help you make a better decision before purchasing a pair.

New technology in the new boots has made the materials more weather resistant and a lot more warmer, and has allowed workers to work more comfortably in the worst winter conditions. But with the boots becoming more weather resistant, there is the issue of your feet not being able to breath properly, and therefore they will start to sweat. And you know once your feet sweat in frigid winter conditions that that’s all it will take for your feet to become numb and cold.

Sweating feet is a leading cause of your feet getting cold during winter construction — alongside stepping into an area that hasn’t been compacted yet and looks dry and almost swallows you whole first thing on a Monday morning… been there, done that… I must say I had more than a wet foot that day.

It’s always good practice to bring extra pairs of socks and/or boots (as in my case above) so you can change them throughout the day and it will make your day a more productive and comfortable one.

There’s plenty of products on the market that will help keep your feet from sweating in your insulated rubber boots.

A couple of my personal favorites are BAMA BOOTIES + A GOOD QUALITY WOOL SOCK.

This combination is really all you will need to help eliminate wet socks from sweaty feet inside of a good quality boot. But make sure to try this combination out for best possible fit before wear it all day long. You might have to go up a half or full size if you’re going to wear this combination and/or insoles. Keep in mind that some boots may fit larger than your usual size, so keep this in mind when you’re ordering your boots.

Here are my top 5 insulated steel toed rubber boots for construction:

1) Dunlop Purofort Thermo + Full Safety review

2) Baffin Icebear Safety Work Boot review

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3) Kamik Workday2 Safety Work Boot review

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4) Baffin Hunter Canadian Made Boot review

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5) Cofra Thermic Boots review

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